Category: SQL vs NoSQL

Four Use Cases Where NoSQL Databases Fall Short

We looked at the basic differences between NoSQL and NewSQL in a recent post. Now let’s break the differences down specifically by looking at what developers really care about: Which problems can I solve with NoSQL? Equally important, where is NoSQL a bad fit? Where do different approaches – NoSQL and NewSQL – show their […]

NoSQL vs. NewSQL: What’s the difference?

NoSQL and NewSQL databases are popular solutions in the data management space. We’re sometimes asked to clarify the difference between the two approaches. Here’s what you need to know if you’re trying to decide which solution to adopt in your organization. NoSQL vs. NewSQL: What’s the difference? NoSQL is a broad category of disparate database […]

Testing VoltDB Against PostgreSQL

A recent blog post described SQLCoverage, a VoltDB-developed Python tool that tests VoltDB by running millions of queries using randomized data and comparing the results with the those of identical queries run against HSQLDB, an open-source relational database. This blog post continues that discussion by describing recent extensions of SQLCoverage to compare VoltDB query results […]

NoSQL vs. NewSQL: Choosing the Right Tool

Trying to choose a database to solve a problem (or a whole set of them)? Here’s a quick rundown of the advantages – and disadvantages – of NoSQL versus NewSQL. Choosing the right tool for the job at hand is 80 percent of getting to a solution; the other 20 percent is really understanding the […]

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