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Stream views — the untold story

Stream views are a recent addition to VoltDB. With stream views, we get the utility of the aggregations – real-time analytics – without the memory footprint of their source tables. A stream view is a materialized view of data that’s inserted into your stream tables. With VoltDB stream views, the aggregations and other columns in […]

Continuous queries on streams in VoltDB using materialized views

We’ve added a new feature in VoltDB v6.6: support for joins in materialized views. We’re very pleased to share this update with you. Read on for use cases and practical suggestions. Fast data applications rely heavily on DBMSs like VoltDB to provide steady support for many continuous and complex queries returning aggregate and summary data. […]

Introducing VoltDB v6.0

VoltDB is already the go-to product for developing fast data applications because of its unparalleled performance, availability, and durability. v6.0 builds on that foundation by extending existing capabilities and simplifying the development process. What does a VoltDB application look like? Some of the characteristics are: Applications ingest and process lots of data – data (events) […]

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