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Introducing VoltDB v7.0

The VoltDB engineering team spent the past 12 months improving and extending our innovative database offering across all facets of the product. Now that we’ve turned the calendar to 2017, we’re ready to introduce you to our newest version of the fastest in-memory SQL operational database, VoltDB v7.0. VoltDB v7.0 delivers predictable performance, 24×7, through […]

Managing the real-time data explosion? Look out for these 5 gotchas

Real-time connectivity will stop being an optional way to incrementally improve efficiency and instead become a baseline requirement without which things simply won’t work. Over the next decade the ratio of humans to computers on the internet will change radically. We’re moving from an era where interactions were mostly between individual humans and servers to […]

Do you have an IoT checklist?

This blog was adapted from a post that first appeared on LinkedIn. There's an interesting article in The Economist on consumer IOT. Here's an interesting excerpt: Providers have focused on the home, touting products such as coffee pots that turn on when the alarm clock rings, lighting and blinds that adjust to the time of day, and [...]

Accelerating Value for the Industrial IoT

This post was contributed by Prateek Gera, Founder and Chief Product Officer of VoltDB partner company Teevr Data.  From our experience working with many customers and partners, Industrial IoT, IIoT, promises to bring a new business paradigm with pervasive, inexpensive and low power sensors measuring, monitoring and analyzing everything on a plant floor, oil rig/mine […]

IoT Day

Today is Internet of Things (IoT) Day, a day that marks a significant change in how we work, how we control our homes, how we drive, how most everything is made and how most everything else in our lives is changing. All of this change is being driven by the Tsunami of omnipresent data in […]

Before & after: How fast data will enable the IoT

More than three billion people globally access the Internet via smartphones and other devices such as watches and fitness trackers. This number pales in comparison to the total number of connected devices and sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT) today. Industry analyst firm Gartner puts this figure at 6.4 billion, and projects growth to […]

What’s missing from IoT thinking: side effects

IoT data management platforms must manage both data in motion (fast data) and data at rest (big data). As things generate information, the data needs to processed by applications. Those applications must combine patterns, thresholds, plans, metrics, and more from analytics run against collected (big) data with the current state and readings of the things […]

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