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Guest blog: VoltDB for easy HTTP ingestion

Jeremy Winters   We thank Jeremy Winters of VoltDB partner Full360 for this guest post, which first appeared on Full360’s Elastic Ninja blog. It is published here in its entirety. About a year ago, a Full360 gaming customer had a requirement to create an analytics data warehouse for in-game events. These events are generated by […]

Before & After – using VoltDB in Financial Services

Choosing a database is a complex affair. Is performance the most important factor in the decision? Is the selection constrained by incumbent infrastructure and applications? Or are you working on a new application and feel free to consider the newest, hottest technologies – but then you need to decide which to use? Wading through available […]

Disrupters Use Fast Data to Create Advantage – So Can You

The overwhelming availability of fast data, the datafication of humanity, is igniting a new era of innovation and reshaping industries. Volumes of data are pouring into enterprises, drowning them in the details about their customers, their products, and their networks. Market disrupters have figured out how to harness this inflow of data to create business […]

Managing Fast Data in a Content Delivery Network

MaxCDN is a content delivery network (CDN) provider that emphasizes reducing the latency and increasing the reliability of its rich-content delivery. It provides CDN services to digital advertisers, ad networks, publishers, hosting providers, gaming companies, and mobile providers. The company’s business challenge was to provide customers with real-time analytics of content delivery in addition to […]

Why the Innovators of Data-Intensive Apps Use the Cloud

I recently met with a bunch of VoltDB customers. These are companies in the business of data and developing the next generation of applications – they are at the forefront of an economy driven by data and the datafication of just about everything. When I talked with these customers, I was struck by the fact […]

Introducing Geospatial Capabilities in VoltDB v6.0

As part of our 6.0 release, we’ve added new data types and functions that let you work with geospatial data in your applications. If you care about where things are in the real world and how they relate to each other spatially, we have some new features that will help you out. The New Data […]

Fast Data Recipe: Design Data Pipelines

Processing big data effectively often requires multiple database engines, each specialized to a purpose. Databases that are very good at event-oriented real-time processing are likely not good at batch analytics against large volumes. Here’s a quick look at another of the Fast Data recipes from the ebook, “Fast Data: Smart and at Scale” Ryan Betts […]

Openet uses fast data to drive down TCO and support mobile data in real-time

Openet, a leading independent supplier of real-time business support systems (BSS), ensures that more than 600 million mobile telecommunications users around the world enjoy the best network and data experience while enabling mobile operators to monetize data use in real-time. In late 2012, Openet began evaluating potential replacements for its database infrastructure, primarily to drive […]

Fast Data Recipe: Integrate Streaming Aggregations and Transactions

In the VoltDB ebook, “Fast Data: Smart and at Scale,” Ryan Betts and I outline what we have found, through years of work and collective experience, to be tried-and-true design patterns and recipes for fast data. High-speed transactional applications or operational applications that process a stream of incoming events are being built for use cases […]

Simplifying the (complex) Lambda Architecture

The Lambda Architecture defines a robust framework for ingesting streams of fast data while providing efficient real-time and historical analytics. In Lambda, immutable data flows in one direction: into the system. The architecture’s main goal is to execute OLAP-type processing faster – in essence,  reduce columnar analytics from every couple of seconds to 100ms or […]

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