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A New Offering from VoltDB – VoltDB Pro

The lion’s share of VoltDB deployments are enterprise-size, comprising a dozen or more nodes, processing over 1 billion transactions a day. But often we hear from start-ups, small-medium companies, or independent ISVs who need VoltDB speed, high availability and low latency ACID guarantees, but on a slightly smaller scale. With that in mind, VoltDB recently […]

VoltDB CEO Vision: Listen first to build a legacy

Some time ago, a mentor of mine advised me to listen more than I spoke. He told me the secrets to building a successful company:  listen to your customers to understand the true value of what your company offers. Listen to your employees to understand what is necessary to create the best product, and empower […]

Preparing For #StrataHadoop Conference 2017

Join Ethan Zhang at #StrataHadoop. He’ll be speaking on March 15, at 1:50pm in 230 B, on “Continuous queries over high-velocity event streams using in-memory database“. But first, hear what he’s excited to experience at Strata + Hadoop World Big Data Conference 2017.  

Introducing VoltDB v7.0

The VoltDB engineering team spent the past 12 months improving and extending our innovative database offering across all facets of the product. Now that we’ve turned the calendar to 2017, we’re ready to introduce you to our newest version of the fastest in-memory SQL operational database, VoltDB v7.0. VoltDB v7.0 delivers predictable performance, 24×7, through […]

451 Research Report “Points & Polygons: VoltDB adds Geospatial Support with v6.0”

Jason Stamper, lead analyst at 451 Research, reported today on VoltDB’s newest software release, v6.0. As Stamper points out, v6.0 builds on the foundation of VoltDB’s in-memory, massively parallel architecture. In today’s data-intensive world, your business is only as fast as your database. We’re thrilled that 451 Research decided to highlight our newest release. We […]

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