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Author: Ruth Morgenstein

meltdown and spectre and VoltDB

Meltdown and Spectre and VoltDB

January 05, 2018

The internet is ablaze with articles and talk about hardware security flaws found recently in most modern processors, including chips from Intel and AMD – that is, in the processors used by everyone who runs software to provide a service. In other words, all of VoltDB’s customers. We are actively working on tests of our […]

VoltDB v7.4 Released

June 30, 2017

Exciting news – this VoltDB v7.4 release has the first batch of contributions by our summer interns! Here are some of the improvements and features in the release: DR/XDCR – in a multi-cluster environment, you can now ask a cluster to drop out with 1 command, voltadmin dr drop.  We also added a new DRPRODUCER stat […]

How we Test at VoltDB

September 30, 2015

When you evaluate a database to use in your application stack, you usually look at the features, the performance, the price, and the fit. You take for granted that the data is correct, that the features work as documented, and that the resiliency of your distributed database meets the promises made by the marketing team. […]

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