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Author: David Rolfe

Whither DBA: Will we still have them in 2026?

I recently fielded a question from a former co-worker who works as a senior Oracle Database Administrator (DBA). I spent much of my career with Oracle, and I’ve asked myself the same question: I am one of those DBAs who can see Oracle’s market share gradually being eroded and replaced by a whole bunch of […]

Shocking Fact: Stored Procedures make OLTP faster. Seriously!

There are three ways to interact with the database in client / server computing: Play “Twenty Questions” with SQL statements; Move all the data to the client, and then back again; and, Use a stored procedure to move the problem to the server. Of these, using stored procedures is the most efficient and logical choice […]

VoltDB and Amazon EBS – Optimal use of IO devices

VoltDB is now available ‘by the hour’ on Amazon EC2. To get best results and optimal TCO from your VoltDB cloud instances, users need to understand how VoltDB handles IO, which we’ll discuss below. At the close of this blog, we’ll also review available IO options. Why would an in-memory database like VoltDB need IO? […]

Managing the real-time data explosion? Look out for these 5 gotchas

Real-time connectivity will stop being an optional way to incrementally improve efficiency and instead become a baseline requirement without which things simply won’t work. Over the next decade the ratio of humans to computers on the internet will change radically. We’re moving from an era where interactions were mostly between individual humans and servers to […]

Read Repair – a solution to eventual consistency?

I got some fairly harsh feedback for my last post, “Lies, Damned Lies and “Eventual Consistency.” It’s clear a lot of people were thrown by the assertion: There is no such thing as eventual consistency. There is only ‘Immediate Consistency’ and ‘Wrong’. In my job as a solutions architect I look at these issues from […]

Lies, Damned Lies and “Eventual Consistency”

Let me start by making an arrogant statement: There is no such thing as eventual consistency. There is only ‘Immediate Consistency’ and ‘Wrong’. A lot of people would regard me as being unreasonable, but from my perspective I have a chain of reasoning that I don’t think you can fault: The purpose of any database […]

Do you have an IoT checklist?

This blog was adapted from a post that first appeared on LinkedIn. There's an interesting article in The Economist on consumer IOT. Here's an interesting excerpt: Providers have focused on the home, touting products such as coffee pots that turn on when the alarm clock rings, lighting and blinds that adjust to the time of day, and [...]
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