Author: David Flower

Why Edge Computing Will End Cloud Computing as We Know It

Edge Computing and Why It Matters for Telco
And Why It Matters for Telcos In a very well written Forbes article this week, Olivier Garret - founding Partner and CEO of RiskHedge – states that edge computing is the “golden thread that connects today’s most exciting megatrends”, and that “technologies like self-driving cars, IoT, AR, and the commercialization of 5G will never get [...]

Extracting Value from Insights in “The Last Mile”

transactional insights in the last mile with VoltDB
Recently, I read the McKinsey article “Breaking away: The secrets to scaling analytics.” The article discussed their findings on the importance of analytics to a company’s success. Unsurprisingly, they found that the most successful companies spend more money and effort on analytics, specifically embedded analytics. Two thirds of what they deemed “breakaway companies” spent at [...]

VoltDB CEO Vision: Listen first to build a legacy

Some time ago, a mentor of mine advised me to listen more than I spoke. He told me the secrets to building a successful company:  listen to your customers to understand the true value of what your company offers. Listen to your employees to understand what is necessary to create the best product, and empower […]

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