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  • Author: Dennis Duckworth

Author: Dennis Duckworth

Impressions from the Austin, TX Telco 5G/BCE Show

VoltDB has been providing value to telco communications solution providers since our beginnings back in 2009. Back then, we were designed into OSS/BSS software offered by companies like Openet and HP (now HPE) because our database could make the very fast authorization/authentication decisions that were needed while offering the high reliability required by carriers. Our in-memory […]

Got fraud? Tune in to our webinar on detecting fraud in Financial Services and AdTech

Large financial institutions deal with many types of fraud, predominantly transaction fraud. Transaction fraud occurs when a fraudster steals credentials, such as a credit card number, and charges those accounts illicitly. To protect against this type of fraud, banks must monitor every card swipe, monitor for unusual or suspicious activity, and then make an immediate […]

3 Key Points from our webinar Preparing for a New Programmatic Adtech World with TripleLift

One of the reasons I love working for a leading-edge database company is that I get to talk to and work with many different kinds of companies. Data is everywhere, and companies across the spectrum are trying to harness that data to improve their businesses, whether that means accelerating their growth through more accurate targeting […]

Preparing For #StrataHadoop Conference 2017

Join Ethan Zhang at #StrataHadoop. He’ll be speaking on March 15, at 1:50pm in 230 B, on “Continuous queries over high-velocity event streams using in-memory database“. But first, hear what he’s excited to experience at Strata + Hadoop World Big Data Conference 2017.  

The Forrester Wave™: In-Memory Databases, 2017 Q1 – Caveat Lector

VoltDB in Forrester Wave 2017

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…of Analyst Reports Analyst reports — with each new year and the corresponding publication of new analyst reports, I’m reminded of the critical importance of fully understanding what you are reading and of thinking for yourself. The new Forrester Wave for In-Memory Databases (Q1 2017) has just been released […]

Lack of consistency is the hobgoblin of data management (and other survey results)

We did a survey last year to see how enterprises viewed the need for “real time” (see https://www.voltdb.com/blog/worlds-apart-real-time-data-disconnect). Since we are leaders in the fast data space, we wanted to try to gauge where companies were on the real-time maturity curve. The results were interesting, which motivated us to do another survey – this time […]

A Question of Degree: Thoughts from the In-Memory Computing Summit

VoltDB was a sponsor of the recent In-Memory Computing Summit in San Francisco. I always enjoy going back to San Francisco. I stayed at a cool flat on Nob Hill and the show was enjoyable and productive – we had some great conversations with attendees and even other sponsors there. The frustration came when I […]

New guides to help you on your Fast Data Journey

Fast Data has changed the way business value is created and captured, opening up a new era of competition and reshaping industries. But evaluating business and technology options for data is complex and rapidly evolving. For example, according to Gartner, through 2018, 90% of deployed data lakes will be useless, as they are overwhelmed with […]

My first (fast) 90 days

I changed jobs and companies a very fast 90 days ago, moving from a huge (I like to say that like Bernie Sanders says it, starting with a “Y” – I’m from New York after all) technology company to the much smaller VoltDB. In my previous role, I worked on data warehousing. The challenges we […]

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