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Author: VoltDB Blog Staff

Beyond Analytics to Real-time Decisions

Companies and business leaders are increasingly realizing the advantages and opportunities provided by implementing real-time decision making and action on streams of data. Joe McKendrick, writing for the DBTA thought leadership series, sees the trend as well — and has the evidence to prove it. He notes that a Unisphere/Information Today, Inc. survey “found that […]

What is Innovation Week at VoltDB?

Recently we held our Q2 Innovation Week, culminating in presentations and voting on the innovation projects created by our engineering staff. VoltDB engineering is a Agile scrum organization, with two week sprints, and product releases every other sprint. Innovation week occurs one week every quarter. During this week engineers work on a self-directed project, such […]

Fraud Prevention Webinar

Got Fraud? 5 Tips to Prevent Fraud in New Applications

Fraud has been around since time immemorial. While companies and organizations have focused on how to detect and prevent fraud, new technologies and new applications mean that the issue of fraud has turned into a billion dollar thorn in the side of industries. Our webinar, this Tuesday (June 13th), New Applications Mean New Fraud Targets, […]

VoltDB Cross Data Center Replication

Check out or documentation site to learn more about VoltDB Cross Data Center Replication. In section 11.3, you’ll learn step-by-step instructions for setting up and running cross datacenter replication (XDCR) between two or more VoltDB clusters. The sections describe how to: Design your schema and identify the DR tables Configure the database clusters, including: Choosing […]

Bringing Rack-Aware Topology to VoltDB

One of the key tasks during initialization of a VoltDB cluster is determining cluster topology. The topology includes placement of the partition masters and replicas on physical VoltDB nodes. Once determined, the topology does not change unless node failure or elastic scaling happen. For some years, VoltDB used a simple algorithm for determining topology. It [...]

VoltDB In-Memory Database Achieves Best-In-Class Results, Running in the Cloud, On the YCSB Benchmark

The development team at VoltDB recently ran VoltDB v4.2 against the Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB), an industry-standard performance benchmark for cloud databases. We ran our test on as realistic a cluster setup as possible: commodity hardware that we could easily book as spot instances on EC2, with features like durability and high availability enabled. […]

VoltDB Technical Spotlight blog

Aging out data from VoltDB

Deleting records is often an afterthought when you’re first building a proof of concept with VoltDB, but it is an important function that should be given some thought as part of any design. Few applications can retain data forever, and in-memory databases in particular require some careful planning for how much data should be stored […]

Using The Spring @Schedule Annotation

In a previous life I had a requirement that a web application scanned the expiration date of purchased content and sent one of three emails letting the user know that the item would expire soon, was going to expire very soon and that the item has expired. It fired up at early in the morning […]

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