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What’s the Difference Between VoltDB Editions — Community (Open Source), Pro and Enterprise?

Deciding on a database technology that best suits a given need can be difficult, especially when there are multiple versions of a technology. VoltDB is no different, as we offer three core software offerings. To simplify your decision of which version of VoltDB is right for you, this blog will walk through the feature differences between VoltDB Community, Pro, and Enterprise editions. These differences are also spelled out on our editions page. All editions share the same code base, with VoltDB Pro and Enterprise providing additional durability features.

VoltDB’s open source Community Edition has the features you need to get started building your real-time applications. Community Edition has the database, in-memory analytics, the ability to manually scale on commodity hardware, and the VoltDB management console. In terms of durability, VoltDB Community Edition has snapshots, both manual and periodic. Snapshots are point-in-time records stored on disk, and VoltDB can restore to a snapshot. In addition, Community Edition offers K-safety, which enables redundancy within a cluster. The K-safety value is essentially a replication factor — a K-value of 2 means that VoltDB keeps 3 (k+1) copies of data in the cluster, and that cluster can lose (at least) 2 nodes and continue to run.

Upgrading to Pro adds transaction-level durability accomplished by command logging. With VoltDB Pro and command logging, you get continuous durability to disk. Every command is written to disk immediately. Then, if there is a cluster-wide failure, you can replay operations to recover.

The additional Enterprise features further increase large-scale durability. Database Replication (DR) and Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR) ensure that VoltDB data centers are fault-tolerant. Intra-cluster replication ensures that clusters keep each other in sync with one-way and bi-directional active-active replication. These features allow you to build highly available, low-latency, global applications with toleration for whole cluster losses.

In summary, if you are looking for fast data solutions with point-in-time durability and in-cluster replication, VoltDB Community Edition is the perfect fit. VoltDB Pro is great if you need to add in command logging and continuous durability to disk. Then, when you’re building your global application with multiple clusters, VoltDB Enterprise edition gives you the required durability to keep your application running.

To learn more about durability and persistence, read more about VoltDB’s modern persistence architecture, take a look at our Transaction and Consistency FAQ, or download VoltDB Community Edition right now and start building your own fast data apps.

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