A Better Open Source Offering

Better Open Source

Since version 1.1, VoltDB has shipped two editions of our main database product. We offer an open-source edition of the product called the Community Edition and a commercial closed-source offering called the Enterprise Edition. Like many infrastructure software companies, we strive to strike a balance between being open and funding our company.

After much discussion and self-reflection, we’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Effective immediately, our full open source edition will gain several features that were previously closed.

What’s New?

Full redundancy and high-availability features within a cluster. Now the Community edition can tolerate node failures and gracefully replace them.
Transactional point-in-time backup and disk durability via cluster wide snapshots.
Continuous import and export pipeline functionality with native integrations for many systems, including Kafka, Kinesis, HDFS, JDBC/ODBC, Elastic, RabbitMQ and more.


Bottom Line: People who use VoltDB end up loving VoltDB, and we think this will help convince more people to try it out.

Many of our current community users become paying customers when they realize the benefits of engaging with VoltDB. These benefits include first class support, Enterprise Edition features, and consideration as we develop our roadmap.

Which Edition is Right For Me?

The new, expanded Community Edition is now much more suited for many production uses. The Enterprise Edition is even more robust than ever.

The good news is both editions have identical application features. The same application, bit-for-bit will run on both editions. The differences are purely operational.

Step up to Enterprise Edition for:

  • Per-transaction disk durability with command logging.
  • Active-active multi-datacenter replication.
  • Elastic cluster size changes.
  • Live-upgrade between VoltDB versions.
  • Up to 24/7 support.

Compare the differences with more detail on our editions page.

What Else is New?

We’ve expanded the technical content on our website. There are now more expansive sections on features and architecture. In addition we have a relatively new customers page that has new, more technical use cases.

Go Download Now!

Go right now to download the open source Community Edition, or get a 30-day trial of the Enterprise Edition. Then, reserve a seat for Getting Started with VoltDB, a hands-on walkthrough October 27th at 11:00 AM EDT with our Customer Success Manager Ben Ballard.

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