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Innovative companies use VoltDB to build fast, scalable data-intensive applications. Hyper-personalized customer loyalty programs that build engagement, mobile billing and operational systems that reduce subscriber churn, and trade verification & reliable bid-offer management for high-volume broker-trader operations are just some of the applications made possible.

Described in one word, VoltDB is action. Enterprise-level businesses HPE, Nokia, Flipkart and Openet all use our in-memory, operational database to convert fast data into real-time insights. The kind of insights that inspire per-event actions that lead to greater personalization, offer uptake, and improved conversion rates.

A New Category In Database Technology

Companies now have more live streaming data to manage than ever before. Whether it's generated from the Internet, mobile or sensors, organizing that data has been described as "the next big data management challenge." VoltDB is the world's first database purpose-built to answer that challenge.

Data-driven applications are made smarter, faster and more reliable thanks to our simplified architecture. By combining the speed and scale of NoSQL with the familiarity, consistency, and reliability of traditional relational databases, we've created a new category of database technology:

An in-memory, scale-out operational SQL database that supports blazing-fast, real-time, per-event interactions on live streams of data without sacrificing data consistency. Unlike streaming solutions, VoltDB enables high-velocity applications with real-time analytics and the ability to take action in the moment. How do we do it?

By combining unlimited scalability, high-speed data ingestion and export with strict transactional consistency (ACID). The result: More context-aware applications that deliver superior personalization and smoother operations.

With VoltDB you can:

  • Ingest & interact on unlimited streams of inbound data;
  • Make per-event, data-driven decisions on live data;
  • Perform real-time analytics on fast-moving data; and
  • Export data to longer-term analytics stores - as fast as it arrives.

Our Story

Architected by the 2014 A.M. Turing Award winner, Dr. Mike Stonebraker, VoltDB is a ground-up redesign of the relational database for today’s growing real-time analytics and data challenges. VoltDB powers high-velocity applications that thrive on fast streaming data, such as telecom policy and billing applications, sensor applications like smart grid power systems, real-time digital advertising platforms, analytics for online gaming, and applications for risk and fraud detection.

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